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Founding Member’s Diploma
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Board Certified Fellows Diploma
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The American Academy of Medical Entrepreneurs (AAME) is a US based organization. AAME was conceptualized to include the following members: physicians, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, medical residents, fellows, medical students, scientists, healthcare executives, governmental officials, and members of the general public. AAME is a membership based organization conceptualized by physician entrepreneurs and successful non physician entrepreneurs eager to teach, share, and exchange the education, tools, experiences, knowledge of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Membership Categories:

There are three classes of members in good standing:
1. Founding Members (Join before Dec 31 2014)
2. Members
3. Board-certified Fellows.

Board-certified Fellow status is achieved after attending one three day weekend course each year and passing The American Academy of Medical Entrepreneurs Board Exam. The Board exam is an online exam that has been prepared, reviewed and created by members of the Board of The American Academy of Medical Entrepreneurs.

AAME is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for physicians, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, medical residents, fellows, medical students, scientists, healthcare executives, governmental officials, and members of the general public. The knowledge base is broad and extends from members sharing knowledge with faculty and vice versa in a socratic style that encourages approaching practice management, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, healthcare technology in a scientific knowledge based manner.

Benefits of Board-Certified Fellow Status

1) Board-certified fellow diploma for display and inclusion on resume/curriculum vitae.
2) Recognition by peers and colleagues as having studied the discipline of entrepreneurship with the intent of bringing this knowledge and expertise to any business, start-ups and practice management.
3) Fellow status will result in recognition by certain insurers as a risk reduction/risk management expertise and some insurers may reduce and discount premiums resulting in significant cost reductions.
4) Fellow and Founding membership status will also provide access to group purchasing discounts of office and printing supplies with AAME’s partners.
5) Attendance at annual meeting (general session registration) for $100 (over $600 in savings in regular general session registration rate).
6) Priority Status ahead of members and non members in limited seating events, seminars and webinars.
7) And many more benefits.

Benefits to all members

1) One free copy of The Medical Entrepreneur Book (value of $19.95).
2) Invitation only access to certain free webinars.
3) Membership discounts to all symposiums and webinars requiring paid registration.
4) Ability to sit for Board-certified Fellowship status.
5) Emails of latest relevant news and information on entrepreneurship.
6) First come First Serve Access to Symposiums prior to non-members.
7) Significant Savings and Reduction in your overhead expenses through our partner programs with Office Depot and more.

Problems we Solve

As physicians and active members of a healthcare community, either in the role of provider, administrator or executive, we have extensive training in clinical medicine or practice management, but lack a formal education in the business of medicine, innovation, operations and entrepreneurship. AAME believes that all the individuals in the healthcare ecosystem play an essential role in many aspects of our healthcare system and should be educated on best business practices, entrepreneurship, innovation, operations, community and sharing of knowledge.

Our Solution

AAME educational platform is designed to provide physicians, and all other individuals participating in the healthcare ecosystem, with essential business skills to be successful entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, business leaders, practice management experts, and teachers.

AMME Education and Interactive Platform:
1. Conferences/Meetings/Webinars.
2. Board Fellowship Program.
3. Online/Mobile Educational content.
4. Innovative interactive tools.
5. Print and textbook education.

Annual Dues & Membership

Sign up Now to be a Founding Member. Plus, for a limited time receive The Medical Entrepreneur Book (value $19.95) with your registration.

Select Category:
1) Medical Students, Residents & Fellows: $19.95 annual dues.
2) Physicians/Executives/Entrepreneurs/Office Managers/other: $29.95 annual dues.

Category/Payment Options
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