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The Medical Entrepreneur Application

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By Steven M. Hacker, MD

Who is this app for?

The app is for any healthcare professional, physician, doctor, medical resident, medical student, physician extenders, dentists, podiatrists, medical office managers and any healthcare provider.

Why should I download this app?

Because “Information first. Decisions second” are the premise of the app’s functionality. It is a free app that will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the business of your healthcare career.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Its free. Just go to the Apple store and down load it.

What does it do?

Depending upon what stage in your healthcare career, this app will help you. Whether you are a student just starting out, a young doctor in private practice or a veteran physician looking to sell a practice or transition out of medicine, the app is for you.

Use the app to: Create budgets, reports, cash flow analysis, lease or buy scenarios, marketing for your practice.
Use the app to: Value your medical practice
Use the app to: Help students find a medical specialty that fits their personality preferences.

Download, Medical Entrepreneur App, its free in the Apple Store.

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The Medical Entrepreneur

The Medical Entrepreneur Application

Personalized Productivity Reports – Information First. Decisions Second.

By Steven M. Hacker, MD

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