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Medical Entrepreneur Business Development Consultation

Steven M. Hacker MD

Consulting Available

Are you missing revenue opportunities within your practice or healthcare business?

Does it seem like other practice’s/businesses are earning more money doing the same thing?

Are you working harder and earning less?

Ever wonder how you can increase your bottom line? Or, how to increase revenue?

How would you like Dr. Hacker, The Medical Entrepreneur, to be your own personal business development consultant? You can now do this.

The Medical Entrepreneur will review your current operations/ business model/practice, and perform a virtual site visit culminating with a comprehensive written SWOT analysis followed by a videoconference to discuss his findings and recommendations to improve your bottom line and business strategy.

The Medical Entrepreneur Business Development Consultation

Includes the following deliverables:

1. A Signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)/Confidentiality Agreement with your practice.

2. A comprehensive review of your current practice or business and revenue generating activities.

3. A comprehensive review of your expenses.

4. Review of your cash flow, balance sheet and financials.

5. Virtual on-site visit to your practice to review your facility/office for assessment and revenue opportunities. Review of current staff roles and responsibilities as it relates to revenue/expenses.

6. SWOT ANALYSIS - Assessment/Action Item Plan-Dr. Hacker will deliver a comprehensive written SWOT ANALYSIS - (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) report on your business.

7. A videoconference to discuss Dr. Hacker’s findings and recommendations and then a follow up videoconference 30 days later.

Why would you want a SWOT Analysis from Dr. Hacker?

Simple. Business Development.

Every business or practice needs a “check up” from an objective, independent, expert to constructively critique our current business/practice.

Dr. Hacker will identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

What is business development? It is the concept of creating new opportunities within your practice or business. This comprehensive review of your current practice/business will help you more clearly analyze your current path to increased profitability and sustainability. Dr. Hacker can help clarify problems in the practice as well as identify missed opportunities to determine where and how you can make additional income.

What this consultation is not?

It is not a legal/regulatory/or accounting consultation. It is strictly business development. You will have Dr. Hacker to help you identify a better path to profitability.

If you are interested in a consultation that includes: The Medical Entrepreneur Virtual Site Visit & SWOT Analysis & videoconference with Dr. Hacker then, E-Mail, and inquire if your business/practice would be eligible for consultation with Dr. Hacker.
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Consulting Available
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